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GIZMO Update

July 2, 2017

GizmoWe did it! Donations in hand, ACR wasted zero time getting GIZMO the surgery he needed. We are so glad we did! Not only did his bladder have one ginormous and another large stone inside, but an additional smaller stone had migrated and become lodged in his urethra, reducing his stream to a trickle. He will need to stay on a specific diet to reduce the chance of more stone development, but it costs about the same a high quality grain-free product and is very manageable for most.

Although walking a bit gingerly with a belly full of stitches, happy little 10-year-old GIZMO is up walking around. He is looking forward to returning in a couple weeks to remove stitches and get his teeth cleaned in preparation for joining a new Furever Family! Will it be you? Now that GIZMO is post-surgery, we are accepting applications for him! Visit our Adopt page to request an adoption application.

Many licks and tail wags to the donors who helped GIZMO get his bladder surgery! We couldn’t have done it without your support.

♥ Ashley R.
♥ Kyle Y.
♥ Rick F.
♥ Terri D.
♥ Allen L.
♥ Brenda M.
♥ Pamela G.
♥ Danya K.
♥ Maria G.
♥ Maria S.


Thank you to all our ongoing sponsors and recent donors!

June 28, 2017
Always on the lookout for a cuddle partner, GIZMO is friend to all!

PAWS UP to our regular donors, without whom dogs like GIZMO would not be able to receive needed treatment. Operated entirely by volunteers, ACR applies every donated dollar in direct support of the dogs in our Adoption Program. Your donations truly make a difference!

♥ Ashley R. (for Gizmo)
♥ Kyle Y. (for Gizmo)
♥ Rick F. (help Gizmo)
♥ Terri D. (for sweet Gizmo)
♥ Allen L. (help for Gizmo)
♥ Brenda M. (for Gizmo)
♥ Pamela G. (for Gizmo)
♥ Danya K. (for Gizmo)
♥ Maria G. (for Gizmo)
♥ Maria S. (for Gizmo)
♥ Curtis B. (in memory of Sydney Garza)
♥ Danya K. (I love chihuahuas!)
♥ Terri C.
♥ Katie M.
♥ Jela B.
♥ Hasna K.
♥ JoAnna G.
♥ Terri D. (for sweet Espresso)
♥ Ronald G. (For Espresso’s treatment poor pup – praying for his safe recovery)
♥ Lauren S. (For the adorable Espresso)
♥ Aleah S. (For Espresso. In memory of Espresso’s “twin”, Captain Tortilla)
♥ Katherine E. (For Espresso)
♥ Kimilla C. (For precious little Espresso)
♥ Shirl M. (For Espresso)
♥ Victoria C. (In memory of Chubbers)
♥ Sharon H. (Stay strong Espresso)

Our all-volunteer organization could not rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these precious lives without your support! Funded solely by private donors like you, we make sure every single dollar is used in direct support of our Chikids. Nurture Your Inner Chi today and visit our Donate page find the many ways you can help!


The Chi Amigos Second Annual Memorial March

May 30, 2017

There was a great turnout at the 2nd Annual Memorial March at the Chi Amigos Meetup on Saturday, May 26, 2017. The Chi Amigos gathered in honor of the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. Enjoy the video of the event below. To see photos of the event, visit the Chi Amigos Meetup webpage.2nd Annual Chi Amigos Memorial March 2017


Volunteer-Operated Chihuahua Rescue Organization in Austin, Texas

Ay Chihuahua Rescue is an all volunteer-operated, non-profit organization, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Chihuahuas in Central Texas. We are solely funded by adoption fees, merchandise sales, and principally through generous donations from Chihuahua and animal lovers just like you!

In-Home Foster Families

We do not have a brick and mortar facility, so all our Chihuahuas live with volunteer foster families dedicated to improving their health and mental well-being. As the back-bone of our organization, our cherished foster families know that their participation truly means the difference between life and death for an at-risk Chihuahua.

Donations Go Straight to the Dogs

This also means that without overhead, every dollar donated to Ay Chihuahua Rescue (ACR) is used in direct support of the Chihuahuas in our adoption program! The more families willing to open their doors and hearts to foster Chihuahuas, the more lives we can save.

Join the Family!

Learning how to NURTURE YOUR INNER CHI is easy, when you join us on our life saving mission. Whether adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating… your participation truly makes a difference!