Nurture Your Inner Chi!

chihuahua rescueVolunteer-Operated Chihuahua Rescue Organization in Austin, Texas

Ay Chihuahua Rescue is an all volunteer-operated, non-profit organization, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Chihuahuas in Central Texas.  We are solely funded by adoption fees, merchandise sales, and principally through generous donations from Chihuahua and animal lovers just like you!

In-Home Foster Families

 We do not have a brick and mortar facility, so all our Chihuahuas live with volunteer foster families dedicated to improving their health and mental well-being.  As the back-bone of our organization, our cherished foster families know that their participation truly means the difference between life and death for an at-risk Chihuahua.

Donations Go Straight to the Dogs

This also means that without overhead, every dollar donated to Ay Chihuahua Rescue (ACR) is used in direct support of the Chihuahuas in our adoption program!  The more families willing to open their doors and hearts to foster Chihuahuas, the more lives we can save.

Join the Family!

Learning how to NURTURE YOUR INNER CHI is easy, when you join us on our life saving mission.  Whether adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating… your participation truly makes a difference!

Heart2_15x14PLEASE HELP THE CHI-LDREN!Heart2_15x14

paypalIn 2015, ACR could not afford professional pet sitters. When we needed help… we hired OZZY.  Working part time to pay his way through agility classes, Ozzy’s fee of 1-Kibble Ration/Hr (and an after-shift paw massage) was a very affordable alternative for us.  ACR’s Chihuahuas love Ozzy more than peas love carrots!  He is their dog bed, hot water bottle, playground monitor, protection against werecats, confidence builder… Ozzy’s patience, resumé, and skill set are endless!

Unfortunately, Public Agility Community College (PACC) increased tuition forcing Ozzy to raise his rates for 2016.

Please help!  Donate this year to Ay Chihuahua Rescue.  Our Adoption Program is full of worried Chihuahuas – they don’t want to lose their best friend.  Help us keep Ozzy in Kibble, and our Chihuahuas happy and safe while they wait for their forever families to find them.

Heart2_15x14PRESIDENT’S ANNOUNCEMENTHeart2_15x14

DECEMBER 5, 2015

Christmas Chihuahua

I need your help! I have fallen, and I can’t get up! I’ve been blown clean out of my wheelchair! Aaaaahhhhhh! KERSPLAT! I received a call from Balcones Animal Hospital during which a very giggly and delighted Gayle informed me that “Santa’s Helper” just donated… *deep breath* $1000 to our account!!! Yep… ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Someone help me up off the floor please and I will tell you the rest…

OK, so the story goes: a person walked into Balcones, completely unannounced, to say they want to donate to our account. Office Veteran Gayle gets out our donation tab sheet, and asks how much? Santa’s Helper lays out $1000 in cash on the counter. After Gayle pops her eyeballs back in their sockets, she asks Santa’s Helper if she can tell Mistydawn who’s donating – and is promptly and politely told, “Absolutely not!” Not even if Santa’s Helper is male or female. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

The only way to know about our donation account at Balcones Animal Hospital is to find it noted on either the donation page of our website or through posts on our Facebook page. I would very much like to acknowledge Santa’s Helper in a BIG WAY, but we are limited to those venues. We have been soooo fortunate to receive not only this but ALL the donations sent in by PayPal, check, and directly to Balcones. Omigosh!… This kind of support though, has me turning *Happy Wheelchair Spins!* I wish I had the creative genius to post something spectacular!

I am still in awe… extremely grateful and humbled! Think of all the dental cleanings and heartworm treatments this will pay for! Ay Chihuahua!

-Mistydawn MicKinley Compton, President, Ay Chihuahua Rescue

You can keep up with Ay Chihuahua Rescue on our Facebook page.

No donation is too small! A donation can be made via the PayPal direct link below or through any of the methods described on the Donate page.