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Available Dogs

TO APPLY FOR ADOPTION: Visit our Adopt page for further details on our adoption policies and to submit a form requesting an adoption application. Upon receipt of that request, we will reply with our application and some basic instructions on how to complete it. Our application process normally takes three to five days depending on how quickly we can reach your references. Important Note: Ay Chihuahua Rescue checks references as part of the application process. Providing current phone numbers for your references makes the process much faster.

To give our dogs the best chance for adoption, we allow the submission of up to three applications for the same dog. Applications are not awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, but to which family can best meet the needs of that particular pet. It may be that all applications are “approved,” but only one can be awarded the dog for which all have applied. In that case, the non-awarded families will have “first right of refusal” on other dogs currently in or coming into our adoption program, as long as their unique family dynamic is well suited to their dog of interest. Approved applications remain active for six months, after which time, they must then be reviewed again to confirm positive veterinary and residency status.

Can’t adopt? Become a sponsor! Help us pay for vaccinations, neuter/spay surgeries, dental cleanings and other veterinary expenses that prepare our fosters to join a forever family.

PETEY ♦ ACR18-001

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Adopt MePETEYSponsor Me


Who likes people? PETEY does!
Who likes pooch pals? PETEY does!
Who likes people and pooch pals that like to play? You guessed it…PETEY! You’d think this seven-year-old was just a puppy as he prances around the yard fetching thrown balls and playing tug-o-war. At just six pounds PETEY is a perfectly sized companion for pack-mates small and large and with a toy in hand, family members of all ages will find they’ve a new best friend. (He might even share his favorite Scooby Doo pillow if there are treats involved!) PETEY has a patchy coat right now having spent too many months in a garage, vet-neglected and lacking in proper nutrition. Owner surrendered, PETEY was bounced from one family member to another and desperately deserves the stability of a Furever Family. In return, PETEY will meet you at the door every day with unconditional love in his eyes, lots of joy-filled kisses and a promise to be your furever play-pal!

Can’t adopt? Become a sponsor. Help us pay for PETEY’s vaccinations and recovery.

RANGER ♦ ACR18-003

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Adopt MeRANGERSponsor Me


For seven years RANGER has roamed Texas searching for love, but found only discouraging words and skies that were cloudy all day. This six pound fella wants to plant his tiny paws in a Furever Family home where the deer and apple-headed Chihuahuas all play. Expect RANGER to flash his winning smile often as he snuggles up next to you. Never pushy… always at peace… that’s the RANGER way! Would you like a clever companion who really knows how to CHI-lax? Look no more! RANGER is here to fill the vacancy in your heart with Furever Love!

Can’t adopt? Become a sponsor. Help us pay for RANGER’s vaccinations and care.


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Adopt MeSKITTLESSponsor Me


Spreading sunshine and rainbows wherever she goes, one-year-old SKITTLES is a sugary sweet girl who is seven pounds of pure love! Sporting an adorable underbite, SKITTLES has a way of capturing your heart with just a glance and a grin. Her history is unknown, but the rough condition she arrived in with painful bite marks and filth all over her small body, makes us glad that she now has a chance for a better life. SKITTLES would love a Furever Family to teach her how to play and give her the confidence she needs to fully embrace all the joy life has to offer.

Can’t adopt? Become a sponsor. Help us pay for SKITTLES’ vaccinations and care.


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Adopt MeCOMING SOONSponsor Me


This adorable one year old ChiKid was eager to leave the noisy, scary shelter where she was so nervous and overwhelmed! She transformed Into a sweet, affectionate people-loving gal the minute her paws hit the pavement on the way out the door to freedom! Watch this space for more details coming soon!

Happy Chis

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Why are there only a few dogs here today? Ay Chihuahua Rescue can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes in which to place them. Opening your home to a foster dog, even for a short while, truly makes the difference between life and death for a Chihuahua in desperate need of help.

Can’t adopt, but want to help? FOSTER! Opening your home to an at-risk Chihuahua, truly means the difference between life and death for that dog. You supply food, transportation and tons of love – and ACR takes care of everything else! We are in desperate need of more Foster Families – especially those who are willing to take in young puppies and/or have experience with dogs rescued from puppy mills. If you are not training/behavior savvy, that is OK too! Ay Chihuahua Rescue has behavior specialists ready to help! If you are willing – we are able and together we make a life saving team!

Can’t adopt or foster, but still want to help? DONATE! ACR is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. As a volunteer-run rescue, every donated dollar is directly used in both medical and promotional support of the dogs in our Adoption Program! Your donated dollars ensure that all pets adopted through Ay Chihuahua Rescue are fully vetted and as healthy as we can make them prior to adoption. The Foster Families of ACR are truly wonderful, and this ensures your chosen dog will have had as much rehabilitation, training and love as we can possibly provide before joining their forever families!