About The Chihuahua Breed

Tiny, But Mighty

Petite, smart, lovable, feisty…Chihuahuas have it all wrapped in a tiny package with a large bow of personality and spirit (or style).

Even though the origins of the Chihuahua are not fully known, the descendants of today’s Chihuahuas were discovered in Mexico in the 1850s and are thought to be the oldest breed in the Americas. They are considered the smallest dogs in the world. Pretty impressive credentials!

Chihuahuas may be small but they are living large by being one of the healthiest breeds. They can live anywhere from 15-20 years so a lifetime commitment is essential. These little dogs thrive in warmer climates and can often be seen dressed in an array of sweaters to keep them warm and comfortable even on a warm day. They tend to be a low shedding breed so a quick bath and occasional brushing keeps this a low maintenance breed.

As with any breed of dog, training is important. Chihuahuas love to please so starting early and training consistently go a long way to a building a happy life with these furry companions. This breed has a tendency to bond to one person so socializing them with other dogs and people is encouraged. This will nurture their outgoing charm.

Chihuahuas do well in apartments and smaller living spaces since they take up little space and generally eat small amounts of food at each meal. Their exercise needs are minimal and a daily romp around the house mixed with a few energetic play sessions should be adequate. They should always be accompanied when outdoors because larger birds of prey have been known to mistake them for a meal. A family with older children who have a basic understanding of how to interact with a small dog are suited best for this breed.

Want to know more? Visit with our adoptable Chihuahuas at the Chi Amigos monthly Meetups. The 4th Saturday of every month, the Chi Amigos – Chihuahuas and their Toy Breed Friends, get together for social interaction. We meet at the Cedar Bark Park nestled in Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Park, Texas. This off-leash park gives you plenty of freedom, space and friends to learn about how much joy adding a Chihuahua to your life will bring!

To learn more about Chihuahuas, you may enjoy this video provided by Discovery.com!

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