Adopted Dogs

Can’t adopt, but want to help? FOSTER! Opening your home to an at-risk Chihuahua truly means the difference between life and death for that dog. You supply food, transportation, and tons of love – and ACR takes care of everything else!

Can’t adopt or foster, but still want to help? DONATE! ACR is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. As a volunteer-run rescue, every donated dollar is directly used in both medical and promotional support of the dogs in our Adoption Program! Your donated dollars ensure that all pets adopted through Ay Chihuahua Rescue are fully vetted and as healthy as we can make them prior to adoption. The Foster Families of ACR are truly wonderful, and this ensures your chosen dog will have had as much rehabilitation, training and love as we can possibly provide before joining their forever families!

Now let’s celebrate!!!  Congratulations to all our recently adopted Chi’s!!!


Honey     Marley

Enzo     Jax

Charlie     Declan

Yami      Xena

Fiona     Abby

Moochi     Thor    

Indie     Reuben

Tragu     Kai

Jade     Quinly    

Leia     Underdog

Viktor     Peewee.

Samson     Orson.

Doodles    Gemma    

Hunter     Nelly    

Edith     Zelda    


Brodie     Mickey    

Precious     Xiomara    

Winifred     Flora.   

Archie     Junebug    

Nola     Quennette    

Ozzie     Vito    


Tucker     Edgar    

Katarina     Connor    

Ricky Bobby     Dora    

Betty White




Ferrari     Brooklyn



Vincent     Jules     

Moby     Uma     

Unami     Nico     

Kevin     Lexi    

Sushi     Tessa     

Oakley     Patti     

Kadi     Linus     

Ireland     Jolene     

Biggie Smalls     Xyra    

Gizmo     Dumplin    

Waylon     Helen    

Zeke     Amber    

Charlotte     Yennifer    

Edie     Miss Lili    

Coco     ZELDA      

Igor     Tallulah    

Phoenix     Suri    

Rico     Quinn

Olive     Neji    

Freddie     Ginsburg   

Ueli     Harper

Victoria     Emry

Lola     Davey    

Sachi     Clarabelle    

Bitsy     Yoda

Arun     Mr. Ed

Phyllis     Onyx   

Quinlee     Wiley   

Nala     Jade

Katie     Ichabod     

Holly     Gryff

Diego     Eli    

Cooper     FooFoo    

Penny     Odin

Norman     Quilla        

Stewart     Reina

Theo     Ulla

Annie     Kaliope

Bruiser     Ricky Bobby



Belleza     Mimi

Andy     Emma

Chi'Lupa     Frankie

Pudgie     Cali

Izzy     Hazel

Jace     Kimchi

Luna     Maddie

Nellie     Olli

Quincey     Remi La Rue

Petey     Gwen

Wink     Shannel

Zinnia     Xander

Jimbo     Zeus

Luke     Georgia




Alvin     Bruno

ChaCha     Dawn

Evita     Farris

Gustavo     Pretty Girl

Halle     Missy

Ricco     Jasmine

Kai     Lourdes

Mumsy, Opa & Pudge     Tia

Queenie     Bella

Rosie     Sadie

Cowboy     Una

Versachi     Yadra

Judah Bear     Chiquita

Igby     Praline & Mocha

Wiggles     Xochi

Adia     Brenda

Callie     Daisy

Frances     Ace

Harry     Dama

Iggly Jiggly     Blitzen

Flora     Donner



Ribbon     Dasher

Dancer     Vixen

Baxter     Cupid

Daphne     Contessa