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Lil Bean
**Medical Hold**

Meet Bean!!
This boy just came to us as an owner surrender and is currently settling in at his foster’s house. He is about 5.5 lbs and around 2 years old. His foster reports that he is a complete doll and in only minutes was playing and asking for pets and cuddles! He is getting along great with her pack so far and seems to be a very confident sweet boy. Plus LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS

Age: 2 years old
Weight: 5.5 lb
Color: Brown, Tan and White
**Medical Hold**

Meet Yochi!
Yochi is currently on medical hold and is a special needs boi. Yochi has atrophied in his hind end, and also cannot control his bladder or bowels. Basically, he just trickles and plops as it’s made and he is completely unaware that anything has happened.

He is approximately 8 years old, and 5 lbs. He is very skinny but has been working on putting on more weight. Yochi was adopted from a shelter near Houston, by a sweet family. Unfortunately, when they adopted him, there was no mention or knowledge of his special needs. The family tried to make it work for 3 weeks, helping him gain weight, taking care of an eye ulcer and an ear infection, but unfortunately they weren’t able to keep him when the incontinence medication didn’t work. His momma made the drive from Houston to Austin to make sure he never had to see a shelter again and brought him to us.

After our vet examined Yochi, it was still unclear if his issues are neurological, or physical. While his legs and hind area isn’t as strong as it should be, the muscles appeared to all be functional. The vet hypothesized that it is possible that his issues are a result of being caged his whole life, which could cause both neurological and physical issues. Yochi is getting a dental next week, and we will be getting some X-rays to see what we are working with to determine the next steps.

But on the bright side… he is gorgeous and 100% knows it. He barks at other dogs when he is in his pen or kennel, but then enjoys spending time with them inside and outside. He is definitely a naughty boy and hasn’t learned to share toys, so we are working on that while he gets his medical care. But let me tell you something… you put a diaper on this boy, and he will spend as much time as you let him snuggling and kissing you… until he needs a diaper change lol. So far, even with his special needs, he has been charming and delightful.

Age: 8 years old
Weight: 5 lbs
Color: Black, Tan and White

Meet Ugo!
Ugo is a 6yr old, 8lb boy. He came to us from Houston last week, and is settling in well! His previous humans found him just short of a year ago, weak and malnourished behind their garage. They brought him into their home, attempted to find his owner, and nurse him back to health. After no one stepped forward to claim him, and the kids named him, it was decided that he was part of the family.

After settling in, there was a hierarchy change with the existing dogs in the house, and one of the large dogs decided she no longer liked Ugo. This has led to small escalating attacks against Ugo. This also made a change in Ugo, he began to get more nippy with others. Claiming mom as his, and only allowing a little love for others before getting snippy and taking his space.

Recently the escalation hit its peak, and rather than little fits from his sister, there was an attack. Resulting in puncture wounds to his head and lip, and multiple stitches to his front leg. This meant that his mom had to make a difficult decision to let him go for his own safety, despite it breaking her heart. We are very grateful that she was able to do what was best for him, even though it was hard for her ❤.

Since arriving, Ugo has been settling in, and relearning safe space and actions. He does well with small dogs, but can still growl and be nippy with people. Since he will still have his stitches another weekish, we are taking that opportunity to get him some behavioral training. Ugo needs a patient and caring family without children or large dogs. He would do best with other small dogs that he can continue to learn and grow from.

Age: 5 years old
Weight: 7 lbs
Color: Tan

Meet Vivi!
Vivi is currently on a medical hold. She is healing from a skin infection caused by a prior flea infestation. She also has a large mass at the base of her tail that we will have removed when she is spayed. She is between 5-8 years old, and weighs 7.25 lbs. We are hoping once her skin clears up, we can get a better estimate on her age. She will be on medical hold for at least 2 more weeks.

Let’s start with the obvious… Vivi👏IS👏Glamour! Immediately when she came in, we knew she was meant to sparkle and shine! She came from the Edinburg shelter and after a 5ish hour drive to Austin, she was begging for a spa day! She got a bath, pedicure, puppy polish, and picked out a collar worthy of her fashion sense.
Vivi does have a bit of an underbite, but most models these days, have gaps, or moles… this is just her signature look. Vivi only knows two types of people; friends and future friends. She loves to be snuggled, carried, walk, play, eat, sleep, and make friends!!
We will post updates as she gets healthier and becomes available!

Age: 5-8 years old
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Color: White and Tan
**Medical Hold**

Meet Alice!
Alice is a 5.6 pounds 5 year old pom/chi girl.
Alice fell down the metaphorical rabbit hole, and after a few hard and terrible days, has woken up in wonderland 🐛
Last Friday, little Alice was with her family, and suddenly found herself unable to walk, or 💩. She had been eating some random things, but the owner did not see any trauma or accidents leading up to her issues. After a few days of no improvements, she was taken to the shelter. We reached out after seeing her picture on their euthanasia list, begging for a rescue. And within 20 hours she had made her voyage from Edinburg to Austin and arrived in wonderland.

Immediately on intake, there was evidence of a previous flea infestation, after 2 baths and brush outs, she still has some residual flea dirt. Flea dirt is digested blood that the fleas have pooped 💩 out. Her first bath ran reddish brown. She laid out in the sun 🌞 to dry as her mats began to be gently cut and brushed out. And after a few hours of patient baths, and brushes… she transformed.

In the last 48 hours after joining ACR, she went from unable to stand with a wobble and very few steps before falling, to chasing her foster family around the yard and giving all of the kisses 💋. She can now stand up on her own and can run with a few missteps. But she does still have a wobble and will fall when trying to sit or lay down.

“I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Age: 5 years old
Weight: 5.6 lbs
Color: White and Tan

Happy Chis

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