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It’s finally time!!!!
Meet Igby!
You’ve seen and heard about him, and now his time has finally come! Igby is ready to go to his forever home!!! Please note he still has medical needs! But its surprisingly easy to care for.

Igby is about 7 years old, and 7ish pounds… He does have heartworms, which are having to be slow killed by just ensuring he gets his monthly dose of prevention. For more information, you can read up here

Igby can have a toxic reaction to some heartworm preventative medication. He can only take a specific brand to avoid liver failure, Triheart. But he must take it monthly to slow kill his heartworms and ensure no more are created.

As for Igby’s personality… he is needy and amazing. He can be an only dog or part of a small pack, but he NEEDS attention. He loves to be carried, go on short walks, sit on your lap, sit in your arms, and watch you eat 😶😶😶 He will talk to you and tell you what he needs or when you are doing something wrong. And he is looking for his human BFF.

Praline and Mocha
Bonded Pair

Meet Mocha and Praline!
These two sisters are the sweetest, laziest, cuddliest chihuahuas a chihuahua lover could hope for! These 5 lb, 10-year-old chi/terrier mixes were living their best lives, sleeping indoors, run of the house, and more love then they knew what to do with. Then unfortunately their momma passed away. She was then left with a family member who unfortunately couldn’t care for them the way they deserved. They were outdoors, flea-infested, and underfed. When family members found out, they swooped in and brought them to us. These girls had no trouble going back to the spoiled life 😆 They have their dentals scheduled, but are ready to go to their forever homes! They do have flea allergies and have some hair loss from their infestation, but with shampoo and medication, we are hoping to have their scruffy fur come back in. We are looking to have them adopted together since they have lived their lives together!
🐾You can donate towards their care here
**Adoption Pending**

Meet Wiggles!!!
Wiggles lives up to her name! She loves to shimmy and shake, which makes photographing her a fun challenge 🤪📸
She is a little Chiweenie girl and is about 9 lbs and approximately 4 years old. She loves cuddles, naps, licking your face, and running around like a nut!

Happy Chis

Can’t adopt, but want to help? FOSTER! Opening your home to an at-risk Chihuahua, truly means the difference between life and death for that dog. You supply food, transportation and tons of love – and ACR takes care of everything else! We are in desperate need of more Foster Families – especially those who are willing to take in young puppies and/or have experience with dogs rescued from puppy mills. If you are not training/behavior savvy, that is OK too! Ay Chihuahua Rescue has behavior specialists ready to help! If you are willing – we are able and together we make a life saving team!

Can’t adopt or foster, but still want to help? DONATE! ACR is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. As a volunteer-run rescue, every donated dollar is directly used in both medical and promotional support of the dogs in our Adoption Program! Your donated dollars ensure that all pets adopted through Ay Chihuahua Rescue are fully vetted and as healthy as we can make them prior to adoption. The Foster Families of ACR are truly wonderful, and this ensures your chosen dog will have had as much rehabilitation, training and love as we can possibly provide before joining their forever families!