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**Medical Hold**

Meet Shannel!!

Little Shannel is already pending!

We are taking a brief break from the chi rescue to bring you this tiny chocolate 🍫 senior alien. Please note the almond-shaped face and the huge curious eyes 👀. That is all the evidence you will need to know she is out 👏 of 👏this 👏world 👽
While she might be from another planet, she has 0 interest in probing, and 100 interest in belly rubs.
Shannel is a 13-year-old 6lb little bundle of love! She comes to ACR after falling from a 3rd-floor balcony. The fall resulted in Shannel having a broken pelvis. Once the owner was given the quote for surgery they couldn’t afford, they had to surrender to give her a chance to be rescued. Her surgery went great and resulted in a plate and several screws going in. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her fight to get better. Shortly after surgery, she got post-op pneumonia! If we needed more proof that this little alien girl was strong and determined, she beat that too ❤.
After surgery, she couldn’t use her back legs. Then after a week or so, she began using one. After 2 weeks we got her in, and she began to use her second back leg. She is now able to walk. She is on very limited use and is being held with us for another 3 weeks until her post-op care is done and she can get a follow-up x-ray to confirm everything healed as expected.
Then she will be beamed into the home of her future human, where she plans on overthrowing the home for control of ALL OF THE BELLY RUBS MWAHAHA!!!!

Age: 13 years old
Weight: 6.25 lbs
Color: Chocolate and White
**Medical Hold**

Meet Gwen!
Gwen is a special girl and has some rough months coming up. She was found as a stray, and taken to the Austin Animal Center, where we snatched her up! She is a funny sweet girl, at about 6 years old, and just under 8lbs. She will give you kisses, snuggle, then wants to check out all her surroundings.
When I say she is special, Gweny here is heartworm positive and has a severely broken ankle. She is starting her pretreatment for heartworms, which will take her out for the next 90 days. Thankfully during that time, she will be on bed rest and off her foot. After the treatment is complete, and the vet gives the all-clear, we will be able to address the leg and foot. Unfortunately, it is not repairable, and she will lose it. But, when all is said and done, she will be the happiest, wormless, tripod you will ever see!
Age: 6 years old
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Color: Brown and Black

Meet Ugo!
Ugo is a 6yr old, 8lb boy. He came to us from Houston last week, and is settling in well! His previous humans found him just short of a year ago, weak and malnourished behind their garage. They brought him into their home, attempted to find his owner, and nurse him back to health. After no one stepped forward to claim him, and the kids named him, it was decided that he was part of the family.

After settling in, there was a hierarchy change with the existing dogs in the house, and one of the large dogs decided she no longer liked Ugo. This has led to small escalating attacks against Ugo. This also made a change in Ugo, he began to get more nippy with others. Claiming mom as his, and only allowing a little love for others before getting snippy and taking his space.

Recently the escalation hit its peak, and rather than little fits from his sister, there was an attack. Resulting in puncture wounds to his head and lip, and multiple stitches to his front leg. This meant that his mom had to make a difficult decision to let him go for his own safety, despite it breaking her heart. We are very grateful that she was able to do what was best for him, even though it was hard for her ❤.

Since arriving, Ugo has been settling in, and relearning safe space and actions. He does well with small dogs, but can still growl and be nippy with people. Since he will still have his stitches another weekish, we are taking that opportunity to get him some behavioral training. Ugo needs a patient and caring family without children or large dogs. He would do best with other small dogs that he can continue to learn and grow from.

Age: 5 years old
Weight: 7 lbs
Color: Tan

Happy Chis

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