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Zelda Zelda Zelda

Meet Zelda!
Zelda is currently on a medical hold. She just came to us earlier today from PVAS after being on their euthanasia list. She was picked up as a stray and presented with a fever and neurological symptoms. She is in quarantine with her foster momma waiting to see her Distemper test results. She does have a vet appt tomorrow to see if they can help diagnose her symptoms. We are hoping she is just a CH baby and have our fingers crossed for good news.
Zelda is approximately 4 years old, and 5 lbs of emaciated tiny girl. Here is her video from PVAS
More pupdates to come as she gets checked out!

Age: 4
Weight: 5 lbs.
Color: White & Tan



Ueli Ueli Ueli

Meet Ueli
This boi must have been born in May because he is obviously a Taurus, because he is the perfect blend of stubborn and needy.
He is a laugh riot, and will boss you around with a “woof woof woof”, and girl trust… you WILL listen to his needs. He is such a sweet vocal boy at 4.5 lbs, and 15 years young. He loves people, dogs, video phone calls, and well…stalking his humans. He isn’t clingy, he just needs to know where you are.
Ueli came to us as a stray found in South Texas on the euthanasia list due to age, and having an injured hind leg. The vet believes it gave out a while back, and he has just learned to adapt. He is also missing all but a couple of teeth, which has caused his jaw bone to deteriorate. He is still able to eat without any pain or discomfort. Ueli has a murmur, and fainted when stressed. So he has an ultrasound tomorrow to see if his heart is healthy enough to do any repair to his leg.
More info on this quirky boi to come!

Age: 15
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Color: Tan



Victoria Victoria Victoria

Look at those eyes!!!!
Meet Victoria!
This captivating temptress is no novice at using her big brown eyes to get what she wants. She knows exactly how to get her way, by being sweet and staring into your soul until you have no choice but to cuddle and baby her!
This sweet senior is about 12 years and 5 lbs and comes to us from south Texas. She was surrendered to the shelter when her owner decided that they traveled too much to have her anymore. But guess what, she don’t care! She doesn’t need them, because now is her time to shine and travel wherever her future family will take her! So take that old parent, she is going places!!!
Victoria is still pending vetting, so more updates to come!

Age: 12
Weight: 5 lbs.
Color: Black & Tan


Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby Ricky Bobby Ricky Bobby

Meet Ricky Bobby!
Despite only having 3 legs, he likes to go fast!  A distinguished gentlemen, at 14, who is looking for a place to retire. This tiny tripod tips the scale at about 5.7 lbs of pure speed demon. He recently had a dental and has a fairly toothless grin. But just looking at him will make you smile from ear to ear.
RB is still a nervous boi and shows it by being elusive and a grouch. He’s still getting settled in and foster brother Bubba is showing him the ropes. Now the foster has two grumpy old men sharing a room.  He’s been a little sad going through this transition but I think in time with the right treats & love, he’ll be just fine.
Ricky BobbyRB pupdate (4/18/22)
He’s starting to trust his humans, and new canine foster family. He will even let the big one snuggle near his lil man cave hideout… But no spooning. RB has decided that foster momma can be a protector… especially when it’s time for a vet check. But overall, RB is an independent sweet ole man. Simple needs, simple life, lots of unspoken love.
He is house broken, and will use a potty pad in a pinch. And when it’s time to go outside, he lets you know by making a cooing sound.
If you are looking for a sweet companion, who is independent with subtle signs of affection, this boi is 100% it! He is a strong, confident senior, who is almost 15, knows what he likes (sleep), can be a boss, and just wants to enjoy his golden years yelling at the kids to get off his lawn!
Interested in adopting Ricky Bobby? Fill out an application at

Age: 14
Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Color: Tan & White



Phyllis Phyllis Phyllis

Meet Phyllis!
Phyllis is a sweet senior baby who came to us from the hoarding house. When she came to us, we thought she was pregnant. Thankfully the vet was able to confirm her belly is not from a current pregnancy. This overworked momma has given birth to her last litter and is no longer going to play the role of mommy. She is now the baby!
Phyllis is at least 10 years old, and about 7.5 lbs. She was the most scared of all the hoarding pups we got. She has already begun to open up with allowing love and snuggles. But she’s still having rough nights and trouble sleeping. She seems to be scared when she wakes up and can’t go back to sleep. She has lived so much of her life in a huge pack, she needs time to adjust to the calm and quiet. But she will learn to love her new life of leisure!
We will be taking pre-approved and new applications for Phyllis! To apply, fill out an application at
PhyllisPupdate (4/10/22)
Phyllis is waiting for someone to sweep her off of her feet… all four of them.
In the next week this lady is gonna be ready and on the prowl. She is 100 percent a cougar, and looking for a hottie with a body… or really anyone who she can push over. She takes a while to warm up, but she is finally getting used to being a quiet stable home. This little hot momma is approximately 10 years old, 7.5 lbs. She’s been having some allergies with all this pollen. But she is just happy to be able to snooze in a sunny bed.


Age: 10
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Color: Tan brown




Aryn Aryn Aryn

Meet Aryn!
Little Aryn is young lady at 6-7 months old and petite at 4 lbs.
This little nugget is a little bit if a hoarder. As in she loooooves toys and enjoys digging them ALL out of the toybox. She will make her own nest of toys and make her throne out of her fallen stuffie foes!
Aryn is cuter than a bugs ear, but still has plenty of her own ears to go around! She will keep you company at night, but doesn’t hog the bed. She definitely loves people and takes love and attention from everyone in the family. Aryn is also a pack dog, so when she is around small dogs she fits right in. She is still a puppy and a bit naughty when it comes to exploring, but listens when you tell her, “no.” Aryn is a sweet baby gurl, and has already been house broken, like a little lady.
We are taking pre-approved applications only at this time! If you are pre-approved and interested, send us a message!

Age: 6-7 mos. 
Weight: 4 lbs.
Color: White & Tan





Meet X!
Well, it’s X, but…you know… in Spanish. Like equis, pronounced e-kees. But his nickname is “fast as $&*! Boi” because, as you can see, he has got a need for speed! X is just a nut and loves to make his humans laugh. He loves to zoom, play, jump, and get his little cheekies kissed. And let me tell you, he has the softest cheekies! Like… the softest kissable cheekies that ever zoomied!
X is approximately 6 months old, and 6 lbs of pure chiweenie power! He is very loving and will do anything to make you smile. He likes other dogs and would do well with small dogs only… he goes nuts over biggins. X is still pending his neuter, and will be ready to go on the 20th!
X is open for adoption for pre-approved applicants at this time!

Age: 6 mos.
Weight: 6 lbs.
Color: Tan




Yoda Yoda Yoda

Meet Yoda!
This little ginger boi is the sweetest possum Chihuahua weasel hybrid I have ever seen! Some dogs hate the vet, but this hussy loves any form of attention and just falls asleep at the touch of a hand.
He is approximately 7 months and 5.5 lbs or pure snuggle sleepy rodent. Yoda comes to us from San Antonio where he was picked up in a pack of strays, infested with fleas. After a bath, and some tlc, he is running around like a champ! Yoda is a pack dog and needs a home with at least 1 other dog. He needs a human who loooooves to snuggle, as you can see its kind of his thing.
At this time we are opening him to pre-approved applications only.

Age: 7 mos.
Weight: 5.5 lbs.
Color: Tan & White


Mr. Ed aka Mouse


Mr. Ed Mr. Ed Mr. Ed

Mr.Ed is no fool!
He knows exactly what he is working with and it is pure gold! He is tiny, handsome, friendly, funny, and has a winning smile.
He comes to us as a stray from New Braunfels. Very skinny, bad teefies, and tummy issues. Now he is eating like a champ and has a healthy waistline.
Mr. Ed is approx 15, and 3.3 lbs of pure tiny lovins. He doesn’t care who you are, when he sees you, his tiny tail gets to wagging and he will march right up for snugs and kisses.
Mr. Ed will be available in a couple of weeks since he is in need of a dental and neuter. So far he is a good candidate for sedation, but we aren’t taking any risks and working with the vet to make sure he is healthy enough for both. As long as he stays on this path he will be smiling with clean teeth in no time.
If you are interested in Mr. Ed, and are pre-approved, please send us a DM. If you are not yet pre-approved, please fill out an application at Please remember that we prioritize pre-approved applicants before new ones.

Age: 15
Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Color: White



** Medical Hold **

Lola Lola

Meet Lola!
Lola is on a medical hold at this time. Little Lola girl is about 5 years old, 5 lbs, and about 2 weeks from giving birth.
Lola came to us from the hoarding situation from Sunday. She had her vet check yesterday and we got some great news. Despite where she came from, she is surprisingly healthy! No heartworms, good weight, good skin, ears and eyes.
She did have worms and will also need a dental when she is ready for her spay. Looking at the x-ray, the vet thinks we will have a tiny litter of 1 pup, with the possibility of a second. Fingers crossed for only one and an easy birth!  Even better news, the pup is regular sized, so the fear of her being bred by a larger dog with complications of oversized pups is not going to be an issue for her!
With a due date within the next two weeks, we are making her comfortable and getting her whelping pen set up and ready.
Meanwhile, she is getting accustomed to living a spoiled chi life. Which includes snuggles, belly rubs, 1:1 parent time, and all the comfy beds a lil momma could hope for.
LolaLola Pupdate (4/14/22)…
This is the post we have been trying to avoid all day, the post we wish was just a bad dream and not real. After such a painful loss last week of Quinlee’s 2 babies, we planned and prepared for Lola’s puppy to greet us. What we couldn’t prepare for was the emergency vets having 4-5 hour wait when Lola was in distress.
Late last night, Lola went into labor. When she reached the danger zone of 2 hours with strong contractions, her foster momma immediately called the emergency clinics, but no one could see her since they were all on waits. Shortly after, she began to crown. Foster momma was on the phone with emergency vet and were talking through what to do. Unfortunately Lola was too tired to push, and not enough of the puppy was exposed to help. Just after midnight, with help from foster momma, the puppy came out. Tobi was born 6 inches, 5 ounces, and stillborn.
From the two pregnant moms, and 4 puppies, only 1 was born alive. So much sadness and heartbreak this week, and Lola is left exhausted and childless. Today she has been resting and the vet said she is in good health and just needs rest. Thankfully she doesn’t seem emotionally upset like her sister. But we are feeling it for her.
Lola will be available for adoption after her spay on May 5th. She already has 3 applications so we are not accepting any more for her.
The next few weeks will be filled with love and hope for her new life, and comfort knowing that she will never lose another baby again.

Age: 5
Weight: 5 lbs.
Color: Tan



**Medical Hold**

Holly Holly
Meet Holly!

Holly is a sweet biggin chi. She is Texas sized weighing in at 11 lbs.  She is estimated to be a couple years old.

She is sweet and shy. She loves to be loved on, but is still not 100% sure about people. She came in as a stray from Lockhart, TX. Holly will come up to you for pets on her terms, but also enjoys having you give her a chase in the yard. She does seem to have a leg she favors when walking, so we are getting the vet to see if it is luxating patellas or something different. Her teefies are gorgeous so she definitely loves to smile and show them off. She gets along with other small dogs, and loves to watch TV.

More information to come after her vet appt!

Age: ~2 years old
Weight: 11 lbs
Color: Brown/Tan



**Medical Hold**

Meet Moby!

MobyMoby Pupdate (3/29)!
Cultures have come back on his infection and we have 3 culprits; coccidia, MRSA, and e.coli. the good news is, we have new meds to use to target them. He is getting a new dose of doxycycline since he has put on weight and needed it stronger 💪 just like him. And a daily shot to battle the MRSA.
Moby loves his trips to the vet, and the team there who works so hard to get him healthy.
The new medicine can cause kidney issues, so he will have a check in next week to make sure we aren’t causing any damage while trying to heal him. To help prevent any issues, we are going to make sure we do some kidney healthy meals.
More updates to come!

Pupdate (3/5/22)…

So there is both good and bad news with our little blue boi.

Bad: with his tube, we knew he would be prone to infection, which could eventually lead to an antibiotic resistant strain.  Unfortunately Moby’s initial infection was antibiotic resistant off the bat. What does this mean for Moby? Glad you asked! We know which strain of E. Coli, and his last cycle of meds DID improve the infection, but wasn’t enough to get rid of it entirely. So we are extending that medication and doing at least 1 refill to see if we can please please please get rid of it. If we are able to cure this infection, he will be ready for a forever home. If the antibiotics do not resolve the infection, while not a current risk, will eventually spread and become terminal. We are going to evaluate if he will go to a hospice home, or stay with ACR until his time comes.

The Good: Moby is stronger than ever!!! He came in at 5.5 lbs and had been fighting to gain weight and muscle. He could stand and walk, but would exhaust quickly. After his surgery, he has gained a pound! And his tiny hip bones are finally being hidden. His little weak legs are double the size with muscle. He can run, walk, and climb stairs… basically he can do everything he needs to get food and snuggles. We are really hoping his new strength and health will help him kick E. Colis ass!  We tell Moby constantly, he has beaten worse than this, and he has this.

More pupdates to come!

Moby is a 5.5 lb, 4 year old blue Chihuahua min pin mix.  Moby is currently on a medical hold after suffering trauma from being hit by a car.  He is now a special needs boi, and is incontinent.  He also needs help emptying his bladder via a catheter in his bladder.  Moby is the best patient and will wait patiently while you change his diaper, and drain his tube, because he knows the next step is snuggles and pets! 

Moby loves to follow you around or watch you from a fluffy bed to see what you are eating.  More updates once he is available.

Age: 4 years old
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Color: Blue



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