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Meet Penny!

Lil miss Penny is just dreaming of her perfect family, in her perfect home.
She’s just hoping they are kind, caring, and keep their house warm in the winter.
Even better if they have soft snuggle beds ❤️
Penny is a hospice senior, 16 years old, with a history of CHF.
She is also blind, but is surprisingly alert and always interested in what’s going on around her.
She’s pretty independent, but has been getting snuggle lessons.

Penny is being sponsored, so her adoption fee is being covered by Mary Kessler.

Age: 16 years old
Weight: ~7 lbs
Color: White

Meet Diego!

Diego is approximately 9 years old and 6 lbs. He came to us from Edinburgh
after being found as a stray. His front right leg has a bend in it from a
previous injury. It has completely healed and doesn’t cause him any discomfort.

At the shelter he was a scared and shy little man, who didn’t want to be touched.
But when he got into his foster home, he opened up in no time!
This boy cannot get enough lovins’.
He loves laps and is in love with sitting on his electric blanket in the sun!
He also gets along with his foster sister and will play with her like he has been a house dog forever.

With his leg bent, it has caused his gait to change and gives him a bit of lame swagger,
which makes him look both sad and bad ass at the same time. He is working on putting on a little weight,
and gaining some strength back. But, overall he was in good health at his vet check.
Diego won’t be able to move into his new home until after he is neutered.

At this time, we are taking pre-approved applications only, so if you have already been approved
and are interested in Diego, send us a message!

Age: 9 years old
Weight: 6 lbs
Color: White and Tan
**Medical Hold**

Meet Cooper!

Cooper Pupdate!
Well looks like this boy is one lucky pup. X-rays showed nothing broken,
but we are dealing with a disc issue of some sort.
To know exactly what kind of issue, he would need an MRI.
The good news is that he does seem to have some control on his rear legs.
Not much, but it seems to be there.
After a day of rest and good food, he was able to balance standing on all fours for almost a minute.
When moving him towards the end of the table, and the very last moment, he pulled his back foot up ❤️

Also a skin scrape showed no mange.
So it looks like his hair loss is caused by flea dermatitis,
which is much easier to treat, with flaky skin, but minimal scabbing.
Coppers next steps are to start physical therapy, medication,
and get him to a good weight with a nice healthy diet.
He has already received a nice soothing bath to remove all the
flaky skin caused by the dermatitis. We are starting a combination of different
therapies to see what strength we can build up.

Cooper is just happy to be cleared for snuggles and
cannot press his head hard enough against you to show you he loves you ❤.
He has a long road ahead of him, but he is up for anything if it includes spending time with a person!
More pupdates to come!
Baby Cooper came to us from the Harlingen Shelter,
where he was given a 48 hour window to find a rescue due to his medical needs.
Looking at his sweet brown eyes, you know why he had to come to Austin.
Cooper was found as a stray, covered in fleas, suffering from severe hairless,
urine scald, and dragging his back legs.
He doesn’t seem to have control of his bladder,
and we are still monitoring his poop situation 💩
Coop is approximately 1 year old and 7.6 lbs.
We are unsure what caused this little boy’s paralysis,
but it looks like it’s been going on for a while.
He has a checkup tomorrow to see what we are working with.
Regardless of his condition, he is a very happy and loving little boy.
He seems to love everybody and isn’t shy about sharing kisses.
He is a little scooting machine and can make it from point A to point B without a fuss.
He is resting now, and just enjoying being an indoor Chihuahua, and starting to get a take of the spoiled life.
More updates to come!

Age: 1 years old
Weight: 7.6 lbs
Color: Black and Tan
**Medical Hold**

Meet Moby!

Moby is a 5.5 lb, 4 year old blue Chihuahua min pin mix. 
Moby is currently on a medical hold after suffering trauma from being hit by a car. 
He is now a special needs boi, and is incontinent. 
He also needs help emptying his bladder via a catheter in his bladder. 
Moby is the best patient and will wait patiently while you change his diapee,
and drain his tube, because he knows the next step is snuggles and pets! 

Moby loves to follow you around or watch you from
a fluffy bed to see what you are eating.  More updates once he is available.

Age: 4 years old
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Color: Blue
Kaliope / Kali
**Medical Hold**

Meet Kaliope!

Looks like Santa 🎅has a special gift for ACR this year!
Our sweet little Kaliope is expecting, and has a due date between the 23rd and 29th of December!
You might be thinking “How did this happen?!?!” and trust me, we had the same reaction. This means Kaliope came to us already expecting. Usually we get our healthy pups spayed/neutered within a week or two depending on appointment availability. But since Kaliope came in with her wobble and reports of seizures, she had to wait until we had specialist approval. After getting the “all clear” we scheduled her spay.
But Kaliope had other plans… she quickly ballooned into a plump little momma to be!
This is not her first litter, but we are happy to announce it will be her last 😊. Once the pups are old enough, she will be spayed and get to live her forever life! Kaliope is already pending, and is excited to start her new chapter, and to never have swollen ankles again.
We have a follow-up xray to get a head count. We are hoping they are few and small, since we have no idea about who the father could be or what breed. We want to be prepared for whatever this little baby has in store for us.
More pup-dates to come!!

Age: 4 years old
Weight: 6.4 lbs & growing
Color: White

Meet Theo!

Theo was found wandering around an apartment complex.
After a few days of coming around for pets and food,
the people who were caring for him noticed he was bleeding.
After closer inspection, the tip of his tail had been degloved 😬.
They scooped him up and brought him to AAC.

AAC had to remove the tip of his tail,
then with the remaining skin they were able to suture it up.
So it’s slightly stumpier, but soon no one will be able to tell!
He also has some slight hair loss from demodex mange,
but will be able to recover quickly now with treatment.
He will need to do a check up in 2 weeks to remove sutures,
and check if he is ready for his neuter. More pupdates to come!!

Age: 8 months old
Weight: 6 lbs
Color: Black and Tan

Happy Chis

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