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**Medical Hold**
**Adoption Pending**


Meet Zeus, god of lightning and thunder! ⚡⚡⚡
Our old man Zeus is ready for his forever home!
Please note, Zeus is an old boy and has some medical issues, that due to his age and health cannot be resolved. He will need a nice calm home where he can love and cuddle his family for the rest of his years.

Zeus has the following medical issues:
Heart disease; which he has managed by medication
Collapsing trachea; needs low activity cannot be walked with a leash and collar. Takes cough meds to help manage symptoms. A foreign object in his stomach; vet believes to be a bone. Has not moved in a month and unable to surgically removed due to health. Unaltered; he will need to remain intact since his health won’t allow for sedation. While our statuesque boy is a bit of a hot mess, he makes up for it in character, love, and adorable naughtiness. He will have you smiling every day when you see his toothless face ❤

Age: 15 years old
Weight: 4.88 lbs
Color: Tan and White

**Medical Hold**

More Information coming soon
She will be with us for a while completing treatment for heartworms

Age: 3 1/2 years old
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Color: Brown and Chocolate

Meet Ellie!
We know you have seen this cheeky girl on our Facebook feed, and it’s time she found her forever home!!! Preferably one with a stocked fridge 😆 since she loooooves to eat. Ellie loves food and is a picky eater, but once she finds something she likes, she can be demanding for second helpings 🍽🍴

She also really enjoys spending time with her humans, being cuddled, and warming their laps on cold nights! She gets along with other dogs but isn’t playful with them. For her, it is all about people!

**Ellie does have some medical issues but has been cleared by the vet to be adopted. So please be aware she will need regular check-ups to keep her healthy. She has heart disease, but its managed with meds and has elevated kidney values which don’t seem to cause her any noticeable issues but need to be monitored to keep her safe. And due to the medical issues, she is unable to be spayed.

**Note from foster: She is 80% deaf. She needs to be able to SEE you. If you come up behind her, it startles her & she’ll growl & nip the air.

Age: 13 years old
Weight: 6.38 lbs
Color: Black and Brown
*Medical Hold*

More Information coming soon
She will be with us for a while completing treatment for heartworms
Age: 5 years old
Weight: 7.20 lbs
Color: Black and Tan

Happy Chis

Can’t adopt, but want to help? FOSTER! Opening your home to an at-risk Chihuahua truly means the difference between life and death for that dog. You supply food, transportation, and tons of love – and ACR takes care of everything else!

Can’t adopt or foster, but still want to help? DONATE! ACR is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. As a volunteer-run rescue, every donated dollar is directly used in both medical and promotional support of the dogs in our Adoption Program! Your donated dollars ensure that all pets adopted through Ay Chihuahua Rescue are fully vetted and as healthy as we can make them prior to adoption. The Foster Families of ACR are truly wonderful, and this ensures your chosen dog will have had as much rehabilitation, training and love as we can possibly provide before joining their forever families!