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Foster Family Program


Save Lives, Foster Dogs

Our Foster Family Program is in need of new foster homes! Ay Chihuahua Rescue does not have a brick and mortar facility from which you can view our available dogs. We place our rescued Chihuahuas into loving foster homes who are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to give our pets the best chance at adoption. Unfortunately, without that physical facility we can only save as many Chihuahuas as we have homes in which to place them. Your decision to become a Foster Family truly means a Chihuahua doesn’t have to face death due to overcrowding at a local shelter, or worse – a tortured life in the clutches of unscrupulous back-yard breeders or puppy mills. Can you help us save a life today?

Check out this video of Eleanor Rigby who was successfully rescued and placed with a forever family as a result of being placed with a loving, volunteer foster family!